Hannan Tariq

A Telecom Professional, a soft skills trainer, a speaker and a Freelancer

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WHY I am here..

My aim is “Mindset Optimization”. This is what I practice and what I teach. Our brain is a great gift of God. It’s a hub of our thoughts, emotions, decisions and actions. Our thinking decides our words. Our behavior response depends on our mental state. Our emotional strength designs our lives.

To keep moving, we have to stay strong emotionally and physically. We need to practice meta cognition. Thinking can be learned and every one can learn this. I take this as my personal responsibility to help in developing optimistic beautiful minds. This is life time practice and never ending journey. Join me and lets be a part of this positive change.

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I speak..

on the awareness and importance of Emotional Intelligence. I believe this is the most important first step. Learning Emotions and their impact on our behaviors, definitely helps to manage and balance our lives. To achieve this, AWARENESS is the first step. 

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Workshops on soft skills majorly focusing on Social and Emotional Learnings. Workshops and trainings are customized as per the level and requirement of the audience. 

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I write..

blogs on random topics. I pen down what makes me think of my observations and exposures.


“Emotional Intelligence Simplified” is a course is designed to understand the concept of Social and Emotional learning.  Online Course is offered on UDEMY platform. 

Media Links

A Tedx Talk on the awareness of Emotional Intelligence

A talk with Rezza Sherazi on the topic ” Pandemic impact and Emotional Challenges”

Morning Show on SUCH TV on the topic, ” Impact of an Economical Crisis on a common person”. 

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